Record Weight LP Disc Stabilizer Turntable Vinyl Clamp 419g AUDIOPHILE QUALITY

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This beautiful black stainless steel Turntable clamp/weight is designed to keep records flat during playback and prevent slipping.

Even if your record looks flat and you use a good turntable mat, adding a clamp/weight will ensure your phono cartridge is able to move through the grooves as accurately as possible.


  • Dampens internal resonance Disc during play 
  • Designed for LP's and old 78's
  • Increases mass of rotating system to reduce flutter
  • Mass couples disc being played on platter
  • Permits easier play of warped records
  • Help prevent slipping
  • Help reduce stylus and vinyl wear
  • Sound upgrade
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product name: LP turntable stabilizer vinyl record clamp
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 3.14"x3.14"x1.57"
  • Center hole: 7.5mm
  • bottle cloth: Super microfiber
  • Weight: 419g