Pre-Amplifier for Turntables –Phono/RCA Stereo Preamp Line Level Volume Booster

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Stereo Pre-Amplifier - Low to Line (High) Level Converter

Used for - This affordable, high-quality stereo pre-amplifier has a stereo RCA phono input and from this creates a stereo RCA line level output, making this unit ideal for connecting audio equipment such as turntables (fitted with magnetic cartridges) to amplifiers, especially newer amplifiers as they are usually lacking a 'phono' stage input, hence the requirement for this device.

Brief Overview

Good quality circuit design - to RIAA specifications
2 RCA Inputs - from a device such as a Turntable
2 RCA Line Level Outputs - to an amplifier
1.8m UK 240V Input - Output 9Vdc 100mA Power Supply
Can also be operated with a 9V PP3 battery
On/Off Switch
Dimensions - 30x70x90mm