Knosti Disco Antistat Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine Cleaner Kit ( Generation 2 )

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Clean every groove of your precious records thoroughly! No matter how carefully you handle your old records: During the course of the years dust particles get accumulated in the grooves and cause clicking and cracking noises. This cleaning unit cleans even the dirtiest records and permanently prevents static charges. Even records which always had to be played wet , can now be played dry! So , Disco Antistat,  maintains disc value perfectly. But most of all, it is a joy to hear your old record collection sounding like new! Suitable for 33, 45 and 78 rpm records.


MKII  ( Genrattion 2 ) version of the world's best selling vinyl cleaning system. 

Practical care set for basic cleaning. Lasting antistatic effect with Disco-antistat mixture, a special self-acting liquid that removes dust, dirt and dried liquids groove-deep and without residue. The results from clean LP's will astound you.