KAM DDX2000 Direct Drive DJ Vinyl Hi-Fi Hifi Deck Turntable RECORD PLAYER

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Product Description


The KAM DDX2000 stands up to professional expectations thanks to its strong, quartz-driven direct drive motor; but it's price and durability also make it appealing to use at home in a hi-fi system as well as in a bedroom DJ set-up.

As opposed to belt-driven decks, the direct-drive motor transfers the engine power (torque) directly to the platter, maintaining a truer speed and quicker start/stop times. This combines with the heavy-weight chassis and robust tone arm section, that are unparalleled at this price, to create an appealing, easy to set-up turntable package.

Please, note the original box was damaged so it will come in a suitable package.



  • DJ-designed turntable with direct-drive mechanism
  • Powerful drive design for accurate start/stop time
  • Heavy, well-designed chassis
  • Speeds 33 1/3 and 45 RPM and 78 RPM



Please note small cosmetic imperfections are present, such as scratch (Please see photo) and a small crack on the arm clip ( do not affect the working order of it ) please see photo 


Full Manufacturer's Warranty