2 Technics SL-1210 MK3 Turntables in Excellent Condition

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The Technics SL 1210 is regarded as the best turntable ever made. With technics no longer manufacturing these since 2010, the second-hand value of them is just going up and up. And with vinyl sales at a 10 year high, owning a Technics turntable is now more of an asset than ever.


These 1210mk3 turntables are in excellent condition. They come with original mk3 lids, mk3 slipmats and TECHNICS HEADSHELL. Everything is fully working.Tonearm arm height adjust cleaned and re greased and pitch recalibration just some of the work that has been carried out during the service. (service carried out 18/2/18).


Theres far too many Technics turntables on eBay going for crazy money with the seller saying 'excellent condition' and 'everything working'. When in truth when it arrives you realise its never had a service, never had new parts fitted to it and you certainly wouldn't describe it as 'everything working'. I know this as we have serviced and fixed many turntables for customers that have had this exact experience when buying from private sellers on eBay. 


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