Setup a turntable is an easy process; however, there are few things you should know before purchasing your setup.

In this Guide, I will explain the turntable setting up process.

However, If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

How Phono connection works

A turntable produces a PHONO output signal. This phono signal needs to be converted to a LINE LEVEL signal (sometimes referred to as AUX signal) to work with audio equipment including stereo systems, computers, and speakers. A phono preamp converts PHONO to LINE LEVEL.

Here are some things you should know about preamps:

  • Some turntables have a preamp built-in and normally have a switcher to switch from phone signal to line signal.
  • DJ mixers function as a preamp.
  • If your turntable has a USB output, it has a built-in preamp.

If you do need an external preamp, we recommend using mixer or amplifier, if they have a PHONO entry they will be suitable for the job.

Basic turntable + Amplifier / Mixer Setup process 

Step 1. Connect the turntable to the mixer or amplifier using the RCA cable

Step 2. Switch the amplifier or mixer to the phone channel

Step 3. Connect the mixer or amplifier to the speakers

Step 4. Enjoy playing your records 


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    " Very useful! I have a much better understanding of how to set up my new turntable.
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